GPS Wealth - The Game of Money

Each base has its strategies for getting us to our goal of Retiring in Style with true financial independence.

First Base:

Firstly, our goal is to get you to First Base where we make sure you have strong financial foundations ready to get you around the Game of Money.

Second Base:

Secondly, our goal is to put together specific plans for building up your investment assets and getting your home fully paid off.

Third Base:

Thirdly, where you’re around 8 to 10 years out from retirement with some nest-egg assets, and you now need some specific strategies to get you to that home run of retiring in style with true financial independence.

Home Base:

You’re ready for our home run of retiring in style with true financial independence. We have clear goals of what that retirement looks like, and we need to make sure you have a solid investment methodology to set you up for a long, comfortable, stress-free retirement.

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